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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  September 6, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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with like limo driver robert harrison said they're bracing themselveses for a long day behind the wheel. >> when everybody's back from vacation and schools are open, the traffic is back to, you know, bumper to bumper. [ sirens ] >> reporter: and if things weren't going to be bad enough already, aaa says this year's terrible tuesday could be even more terrible than usual. the military base realignments are expected to add another 40,000 cars to washington area roads. >> terrible. not only tuesday but woeful wednesday and tragic thursday and frightful friday. >> reporter: matt jablow, 9news now. >> makes this shift all the more worthwhile. now, to a little bit more bad news. the nation's high unemployment rate is expected to top the agenda when the senate returns from its recess today. in detroit monday, president obama told a crowd of union members that lawmakers need to move quickly when it comes to creating jobs. the speech was a preview of the jobs address he'll give to
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congress thursday night. tara mergener has more on what we can expect in that speech. >> we have private companies -- >> reporter: president obama is calling on republicans to put aside party politics and get on board with his jobs plan. prove you'll fight just as hard for tax cuts for middle class families as you do for all companies and the most affluent americans. show us what you've got. >> reporter: in detroit, monday, he overred a sneak peek at the proposal he'll unveil to congress on thursday. the president called for infrastructure projects across the country and urged lawmakers to act quickly. >> we've got more than one million unemployed construction workers ready to get dirty right now. >> reporter: the president is still putting the finishing touches on his proposal but his republican rivals are pitching their own plans. mitt romney will unveil his proposal in nevada this afternoon. in an editorial published in today's "usa today," he said it would include 59 initiatives and wrote the contrast between what the obama administration
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has done and what i would do as president could not be starker. >> despite all of the change -- >> reporter: but president obama isn't romney's only competition. >> while he was the governor of massachusetts, he didn't create very many jobs. >> reporter: texas governor rick perry who's considered the g.o.p. front-runner, is also selling himself as the candidate with the best job creation record. tara mergener for cbs news, washington. the top republican presidential candidates spent labor day making their pitch to tea partiers in south carolina. >> michele bachmann, newt gingrich, herman cain, participated in a project called meadow freedom form. three panel where people questioned them. it focused on less government spending and lower taxes. when asked about taxes, congressman ron paul had this to say. >> when people ask me, half the people don't even pay taxes, i say we're halfway there.
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[ laughter ] i know you don't want me to talk about the fed but the fed causes the deficit in the entitlement because we don't have to tax people, we don't have to borrow the money. everybody knows if congress ups the debts, the fed is the lender of last resort. they're the creator of the money of last resort so you can't address entitlements unless you look at the monetary systems. >> five more are planned. former utah governor jon huntsman and rick santorum weren't invited to this forum because their poll numbers were not so good. in other news, pakistani intelligence agents working with their cia counterparts have arrested a senior al-qaeda leader. the man, eunice almoor tanny was believed to have been assigned by osama bin laden to target interests around the globe. his arrest and that of two others were announced six days
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before the ten-year anniversary of the 9-11 attacks. today, newly retired general david petraeus will be sworn in as the 20th director of the cia. petraeus who retired last week after 37 years in the army will assume his new post in a private ceremony. some analysts expect the on- going war in afghanistan to be a source of tension between petraeus and some members of the obama administration. forecasters are now saying hurricane katia will have very little impact on the united states. the storm though is a big one. now a category four hurricane, winds up to 135 miles per hour. right now, the storm is 450 miles southeast of bermuda. forecasters expect it will veer northeast and go out to sea within the coming week. back here in our region, we're talking about hurricane irene, still it will cost federal taxpayers $1.5 billion in disaster relief. irene tore up the east coast from the carolinas to maine last month. it is blamed for more than 40 deaths, destroying hundreds of
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homes and roads. vermont and upstate took the worst hits. firefighters in texas are racing to gain control of dozens of wildfires. >> biggest fire near austin scorched 25,000 acres and destroyed hundreds of homes so far. texas governor rick perry left the presidential campaign monday to deal with the crisis in his state. more on the remnants of tropical storm lee. it continues to push through the north this morning after hammering parts of the gulf coast. heavy rain fell across the south monday with the storm spawning tornadoes in georgia. forecasters warn more twisters could touch down today as the system moves across tennessee. >> amanda knox's appeal resumes in italy monday after a break for the summer. the american student was convicted in 2009 of killing her british roommate. lawyers are questioning independent experts who cast some doubt on the evidence used in the first trial. knox's codefendant and former boyfriend was also in court. there are some new developments in the
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disappearance of a maryland woman in aruba. the lawyer for gary giordano has appealed a court ruling keeping him locked up in aruba for 60 more days. >> giordano is accused of killing robyn gardner from frederick but aruban police have yet to find her body. the panel of three judges expected to make their decision on the appeal tomorrow. meanwhile, police in aruba have released a surveillance photo of a white car taken the same time the couple was last seen together at a restaurant. they believe the driver of that car may be able to help them solve the case. our time now is 4:36. at 4:39, members of d.c.'s transgendered community speak out about the growing threat of violence they face. johns hopkins study, changing the way doctors view menopause and woman's heart health. >> we're back with your weather first in two minutes.
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4:39. we're looking at live doppler 9000 hd. plenty of showers out there. especially west of the metro. south and east not too bad. front royal, new market approaching winchester, heavier rains coming up i-81 toward you. that will be the case today. occasional rain heavy at times. sometimes lulls but cool and damp. highs in the mid to the upper 60s. some 70s south. we'll be back look at the rest of the week in a few minutes. monika has your timesaver traffic. >> we'll fly south on 95 in maryland coming in from baltimore through jessup, laurel and beltsville. everything looks fine except for the wet road conditions. another look around the area at 4:48. andrea and sneak. >> thank you, monika.
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time for the first "your money" report of the morning. >> jessica is here with the headlines. another opening bell gets underway later. as for wall street, really listening to a bunch of speeches being delivered this week. two major speeches wall street will be paying attention to. the president will offer up his plan to create more jobs on thursday. expect to propose tax incentives for business. the white house says the president will offer long-term deaf sit reduction proposals. republican presidential hopeful mitt romney presents his jobs plan today falling on the heels of some of his g.o.p. opponents last week. now, also on thursday, federal chairman ben bernanke will give the speech on the economic outlook for the u.s. traders will be listening for any clues about what steps the fed may or could take at its september meeting to jump start the economy. >> also this week, expect reports on manufacturing, consumer credit and the trade deficit. traders will be looking for more clues about the health of the economy. friday's dismal unemployment report sent stocks tumbling.
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got traders talking about the possibility of a double dip recession. the dow sends the day down 253 points, opening today at 11,240. the nasdaq dropped by 65 points and the s&p 500 was down by over 30. and the tenth annual maryland hispanic business conference takes place today. it is going to include sections on how to create business opportunities. organizers say more than 700 people will participate. the event is taking place at the north bethesda marriott and conference center. lots going on this week. >> indeed. >> thanks, jess. >> well, the terrapins start their season last night. and they show off some really interesting uniforms. some mixed reviews. >> interesting. the redskins finally name a starting quarterback. we'll be back.
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>> howard bernstein is here. it was a very -- lots of puddling and ponding on the roadways coming into work this morning. heavy rains. >> heavy rain in spots last night. some areas two, three, four inches of rain.
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that's why we've got some flood watches and flood warnings in effect at this hour. had the flood warnings overnight close to the metro. this morning, they're out to our south and west in fauquier, green, madison, orange and culpepper counties until 9:45. everybody in the flood watch, darker green, except for the eastern shore. and some of the areas out to the west really miss irene's heavy rains. now, they're going to get it in and then in a few days, we'll get to watch the river flooding potential. that water drains into the potomac. on the doppler, any lightning down in north carolina or the virginia border but the rains going down to tennessee extending up toward maine right now. that is the remnants of what was once a very strong tropical storm lee as it came ashore here a couple of days ago in louisiana. looking at live doppler 9000 hd, relatively quiet at the moment. down across southern maryland but we will see more showers and storms as the day progresses. we're looking at some lighter rains now into fairfax county moving northeast into montgomery county.
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d.c.'s relatively quiet. heavier shower north of warrenton headed toward maybe haymarket and gainesville up into eastern loudoun county. the heaviest showers and rain we're seeing right now from strasburg and middletown, speaking of strasburg, i don't think you can get the game in tonight with the nationals. that aptly named town. heavy rains moving toward the north and east. moderate rains moving north and east. it does look like we'll see more rain for the next couple of days from lee. and slow progress toward the north on the east. your bus stop forecast, cool and damp are rainy areas. certainly cool and damp. we're in the 60s now. sun is up at 6:41. looks like it will be a day where the rain threat will be with us all day. won't be raining all day. the rain threat will be with us all day. occasionally some of the showers and storms could be on the heavy side. look at temperatures. mid-60s this morning. upper 60s this afternoon. winds out of the north to northeast at 10 to 15.
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that breeze will keep us cool. will keep us on the cloudy side. our temperatures are down to 60 in hagerstown but upper 60s pax river, tappahannock, fredericksburg, la plata at 64. winchester, martinsburg, 64. when you get an air mass where it is damp and the humidity is high like it is now, dew point almost the same as the temperature, it is no surprise we have a fairly uniform temperatures across the board. across the country, showers in the southwest. even phoenix may see some thunder today. other than that, nice in the northwest. nice in the middle of the country. this right here, little area of low pressure spinning in south central tennessee there, northern alabama. that is the -- what was once the center of lee and the moisture continues to stream north and east. here is the studdier rains to the west. the more unstable air is down here. this is where any thunderstorms which are firing in south central virginia have a chance to move northeast. bring us occasional heavy rain today. here we are at 1:00. look at the greens and the yellows. those are some moderate rainfall that will be with us
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through 6:00 p.m. the other storm, continues to spin to the west. throwing the moisture up toward us. for the next couple of days, midday wednesday, we're still dealing with rain and even through wednesday afternoon, some of this will be locally heavy in toward parts of thursday. we can't get rid of this. katia is out there. big storm. category four, 135-mile-per- hour winds going to make the turn off the east coast. won't come toward the east coast but those waves and the riptides later into the week and the weekend could be on the strong side. 68 today. 76 tomorrow. 80 by thursday. but by thursday, we'll see more breaks. maybe even some peeks of sun by then. as we finish out the week, still a threat for a couple of storms through sunday with highs in the 80s. redskins home opener may be dodging a couple of raindrops. monika? >> although we're starting with the green light, the big two problems today are going to be volume and flooding with all of the rain. good morning, everybody. i'm going to start off with 395
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in and the southeast southwest freeway. a couple of spots we know about that you want to watch out for are at 7th street, the third street tunnel and at 12th street. that's when we know that vdot is dealing with flooding problems. northbound side of 95 in virginia. right now, just a little bit of volume out of dumfries. everything is fine as you head up toward woodbridge and springfield on to 395. live now to 66 coming in from the west. coming in through manassas and centreville. you're going to be ok. let's go over to prince george's county. coming in from southern maryland. route 4, route five, route 301, basically the brandywine, clinton, waldorf areas, everything is fine as you head toward the wilson bridge, lanes are open on the beltway. over into the district on the other corridors northwest looks ok. here's what it looks like at the key bridge coming in from rosslyn into georgetown and m street right now, it looks incident-free. in my next report, we'll take a fly of the dulles toll road. andrea and mike? >> washington's transgender
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community is speaking out about a recent string of attacks. >> some say they are worried about an on-going threat and they say they're frustrated with the police department they believe is doing little to help. delia gonsalves explains. >> this brutal beating in a baltimore area mcdonald's captures on tape the violence against members of the transgender community that activists say has been happening for years and is only getting worse. >> how many people have to die? how many people have to be attacked and assaulted for it to become newsworthy? >> here in d.c., there are a number of unsolved murders involving transgender victims like mclean who was killed on deck street in july. they say many transgender women are often mistaken for street workers. >> i also don't want the areas to be seen as -- so someone like lachey is out there hanging out with friends, when they get attacked or murdered,
4:50 am
the first report isn't this is a sex worker. >> our lesbian liaison unit -- >> police chief cathy lanier said the department is working with activists to improve the gay and lesbian liaison unit. >> most concerns are the way with which glu members communicate and keep them informed of things that are going on. so, we've made a lot of changes based on those meetings to try to keep them more informed. >> but it calls on the question why do you have the unit when we need them they're not there. >> delia gonsalves, 9news now. >> the gay lesbian transgender committee has meetings with the chief about this liaison unit. >> repairs at the washington national cathedral have begun. they're using cranes and they're putting up scaffolding to start repairing the spires.
4:51 am
the cathedral suffered significant damage during last month's earthquake. some members of the repair crew are part of the team that recently did renovation work on the statue of liberty. the risk of a fatal heart attack does not spike after menopause according to a new study which is the opposite of what many people have assumed for years. researchers at johns hopkins have looked at the mortality rate of women over a 30-year period. they found the number of women who died from heart disease increased at a constant rate as they got older. with no abrupt change during menopause. the findings go against prevailing wisdom though that the hormonal effects of menopause increase the risk of a deadly heart attack. researchers say the aging process alone is a reason enough for the increase. exposure to certain chemicals during pregnancy can lead to developmental problems in young children. the chemicals are known in every day items from plastic toys to household building materials. researchers at columbia university found that children who were exposed to higher levels of these chemicals while
4:52 am
they were in the womb were at a higher risk of delayed motor skill development and mental and behavioral problems were also more likely by the time they turned 3 years old. >> researchers know that certain lifestyle changes can lower your risk of type two diabetes. well, now, they're getting a better idea of just how much lower. scientists found that people who had a healthy diet, healthy weight and exercised and didn't smoke or drink much were 80% less likely to develop diabetes than those who didn't do those things. making one of the lifestyle improvements lowered the risk of diabetes by about 30%. >> our time is 4:52. before we head to break, here's the question of the morning. >> americans throw away 570 of these every second. about 49 million of them every day. is it a, diapers. b, water bottles or c, coffee cups. put your answer on our facebook page. we'll reveal the survey answer in a little while. if you've got pain?
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(announcer) icy hot patches. targeted no-mess relief. icy to dull pain. hot to relax it away. pain's no match for the icy hot patch. welcome back. howard here with your weather first. grab the rain gear. get ready for some patience needed on the roads today. southern maryland, only about .3 of an inch. fauquier county, nearly three inches last night. heavier showers still in northern prince william along 66 there near haymarket and gainesville and also where strasburg is. where 66 comes into 81. north and east. today it will be wet. rain could be coming down heavily. temperatures barely moving into the upper 60s. >> we'll fly in on the dulles toll road. quiet from leesburg through herndon and reston. no problems on route 7 as well. coming up in my next report
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guys, we'll look at maryland roads at 5:01. back to you. thank you, monika. the debut of the randy edsall era began with a new look. people could not stop talking about these uniforms. they're called maryland pride. they got mixed reviews. the announcers during the game could not stop talking about them but if they play the way they did last night, the opinion about the uniforms could change drastically. the terps held off visiting miami, beat the hurricanes 32- 24. daniel brian, great night. 348 yards and a touchdown. star of the game, nick ferreira, four field goals including the go ahead 32- yarder with 1:32 be left in the game. looked good except for what they were wearing. just have to see them up close. we'll show. >> closer view later. >> the maryland flag wrapped around them. >> week one of the nfl against the new york giants. mike shanahan said he's familiar with the offense so he
4:57 am
will be the starting quarterback come sunday. the 8-year veteran compiled a quarterback rating of 92 in his two preseason efforts. grossman will be in his third season under the scheme. >> could be worst. the pattern could be on the chest. >> a 12-year-old spent his entire weekend shooting hoops in his driveway for a good cause. will thomas set up a goal to make 17,000 baskets to raise money for families at navy seals killed last month in a helicopter attack in afghanistan. will reached his goal yesterday afternoon and then he kept right on shooting. >> a lot of people said that they were going to double what they were pledging if i made more. >> and so he made more. when he finally finished, will had made 20,317 baskets. he had raised more than $25,000 for the military families!
4:58 am
>> go, will! >> where there is a will, there is a way! >> a new movie and a possible award show hosting gig are in eddie murphy's future. >> sandra hughess a that in entertainment. >> reporter: he's one of the stars in tower heights, a new brett ratner film and now it is rumored eddie murphy could be named next year's host of the academy awards. hola netflix, hello in portuguese, it is what they hope to hear as they launch in brazil. the movie streaming company plans to expand into 43 countries throughout latin america and the caribbean. skeptics wonder if it will work since far fewer people have broad band internet and movie piracy is rampant. two action adventure movies are out on dvd. first up, hanna, the story of a young girl whose father trains her to be an assassin hits stores today. and on friday, 20th century fox releases x-men first class on
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disk. the prequel explores the origins of the x-men universe against the backdrop of the cuban missile crisis. >> another film to make its debut at the venice film festival is tinker taylor sold spy, aned a atation of the classic spy thriller. star gary oldman says there are plenty of twists and turns to keep movie-goers on the edge of their seats but he admits audiences have changed in recent years. >> my youngest boy is 12. can watch a movie on an iphone. >> tinker taylor soldier spy hits theatres december 9th. that's your eye on entertainment, sandra hughes, hollywood. that you are for keep your eye on us. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm glad she's back. i'm mike hydeck. here's monika samtani who will have traffic in a


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